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The Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce & Industry is located in the center of Fukuoka City, which is rapidly developing as a hub in Asia. This is a comprehensive and economic organization that was established in 1879 for the purpose of promoting the overall improvement and development of commerce and industry in Fukuoka, as well as contributing to the promotion of general social welfare and culture here.

Fukuoka City attracts an increasingly wide variety of international conventions, business meetings and events, thanks in large part to its excellent convention facilities and accessibility via numerous domestic and international air routes. Hakata Bay, a physical distribution base in Kyushu, has shipping routes leading to many countries and is still developing as an international port.

The FCCI's important activities as a comprehensive economic body are to offer proposals, opinions and requests from various areas here to central and local governments and other related institutions while making efforts to bring about the essential improvement and development of regional businesses.
We would be very happy if we could help regional organizations to keep pace with the rapidly changing economic and social surroundings.

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Kenichi Fujinaga

Hiromichi Tanigawa

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Foundation : 1879
Membarship : 19,714(March 31,2023) comprising commercial,industrial and service related companies,organizations and individuals.
Organization :
The FCCI, the largest body of its kind in kyushu, is a comprehensive regional economic
organization with an all-voluntary membership. The FCCI aims to include all kinds of
mercantile and industrial buisnesses,irrespective of category or scale, while contributing to the enhancement of social welfare.

Mascot Yokazou policy Our pride is busybody.

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mainactivities mainactivities

1. Fulfillment of Proposals and Request for Activities

To accelerate economic recovery and to stabilize the financial system
To request subsidies for small and medium size companies

2. Industrial Development

To supply information through symposiums, seminars, etc.
To research economic conditions of regions and companies
To help expand the market at home
To help start new industry
To reinforce small and medium size companies
To train staff within companies
To revitalize shopping areas
To boost town tourism

3. Services for Members

To issue the monthly FCCI news
To provide management consultations
To offer recommendations for small business loans
To hold business exchange meetings and business clubs
To hold business training courses for computerization and cultivation of human resources
To rent meeting rooms
To offer discount tickets for Hotels, sports clubs, medical examinations etc.
To issue certificates of origin of products

4. Promotion of International Projects

To dispatch business delegations to observe market conditions overseas
To receive foreign business delegates and visitors
To open business exchange meetings and seminars
To hold "Business Negotiations for New FOOD and Foodstuffs"
To help export products and expand the market abroad

5. Promotion of International Understanding

To have many opportunities to exchange with foreign diplomatic offices

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Increase in population.

Fukuoka City is the 7th biggest city in Japan . The population growth rate of Fukuoka is 2.1%.(2010-2013) About 2.45million people are living in Fukuoka metropolitan area .

Increase in population. Young people.

Fukuoka is a city where Youth ratio is the highest in the major cities in Japan.(2010) *Youth ratio : Percentage of population between 15 and 29 years of age.

Young people.

Foreign residents 25,176 (2013)

Source: Fukuoka City

Fukuoka is an international city in Asia.

Fukuoka has the possibility as a base city which connects Asia to Japan. The distance of Fukuoka and Shanghai is about the same with distance of Fukuoka and Tokyo.

Fukuoka is an international city in Asia.
Key industries are wholesale and retail trade and service industry.

The gross product of Fukuoka City is the 5th scale in the major cities in Japan.

The gross product of Fukuoka City.(2010) The gross product of Fukuoka City.(2010)

Source: Fukuoka City

Business start-ups

In the major cities in Japan, Fukuoka is a city where a rate of business start-ups ratio is the highest.(2009)

Business start-ups

Source:Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Foreign Trade(2012) Foreign Trade(2012)

Source: Fukuoka City

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Location :
2-9-28, Hakataeki Mae, Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 812-0011, Japan
TEL : +81-92-441-1110
E-mail : fkkikaku@fukunet.or.jp
URL : https://www.fukunet.or.jp/about/english/

5 minutes' walk from Exit No.5 of Gion Station
10 minutes' walk from Exit Hakata of JR Hakata Station
5 minutes' walk from Gionmachi bus stop
From Fukuoka Airport, take subway and get off at Gion

necessary lead time from each Airport(Fukuoka Airport arrival)
From Sapporo:About 2 and a harf hours
From Tokyo:About 1 hour and 40 minutes
From Nagoya:About 1 hour and 20 minutes
From Oosaka:About 1 hour

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photo : Fumio Hashimoto / Fukuoka City